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About MCN

MCN began as a colaboration between Red Bean Studio and Kaminoan's Fine Clonier - who specialized in the respective fields of Fantasy and Starwars customs.

Both felt that since so many of the techniques used in custom minifig design were interchangeable, why not team together so that the customizing fans of Fantasy and Starwars could learn from each other.

Thus began the first version of MCN.  A forum shared by Redbean and Kaminoan (hosted at, where people enjoyed, marveled and learned from the works of these two great customizers.


Today MCN has grown from a simple forum that employs the term 'Network' in name only to a true 'Network' that features lots of truly amazing customizers.  MCN is a community committed to bringing together the fans of minifig and brick customization worldwide, showcasing our creations, sharing our skills and further promoting our hobby.


We sincerely hope that you enjoy MCN and visit often.