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MCN encourages the submission of material such as custom creations, articles, story's, editorials, and other creative "Submissions" that might be found useful to the construction brick customization community. Authors of such material will retain their full rights to the work.

Participant authorizes MCN to utilize, in any manner it sees fit and for eternity, the Submissions posted on the site. Participants may request the removal of submissions, but MCN is under no obligation to remove the content.

Using Other Peoples Work:

If someone has posted decals, templates or other such material on MCN then it is understood that the content is ok for public use unless otherwise noted. If someone was to use another persons work in their own custom then proper credit must be given. Please be sure to give all credit where credit is due! This helps to keep everyone happy and the content freely given.

For example:

  • If you use a template developed by RedBean, then give RedBean credit for the original template.
  • If you use and / or modify a decal produced by RedBean then give Red Bean credit on the final fig.
  • It would even be nice if you gave credit to the proper person if you use a certian technique they taught you.