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BrickFest 2009

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March 27th - 29th, 2009

YES, it’s that time again! Join us for the 3rd Portland BrickFest back at the OCC Hall A and the RED LION, and all the Burgerville you can stand to eat. From all the AFOL feedback we've received, we're expecting a great turnout from familiar faces and new enthusiasts alike. Wow, we can’t believe it been two years!

Q: Has BrickFest changed formats?
A: Nope! We believe that the current BrickFest format works great and we are keeping it the same. Of course we strive to make the event the best possible, and make tweaks as needed.

Q: Is there a public expo this time?
A: Yes, there will be a public expo on Sunday afternoon only, same as last time. BrickFest is for the AFOLs, there is no rush to setup the displays except for each other! So have fun arranging and rearranging as needed.

Q: Will there be workshops and sessions?
A: Of course! There are so many topics to discuss and share and MOCs to see, we’ll be expecting many of you to volunteer to give talks and host roundtables, etc… one of BrickFest’s assets is the sharing of tribal knowledge.

Q: When can I register?
A: Registration will begin January 1st 2009 (for bookkeeping purposes), but mark your calendars now. We've already rented the OCC!

Q: Who's involved in running BrickFest '09?
A: Steve Barile, who has been an organizer for both previous BrickFest PDX events, takes the reins once again, with the support of Christina Hitchcock in an advisory position.