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Better Braided Beards

Try saying that 142 times fast. Plastic Matt has surpassed even his own expectations with his latest creations. Braided beards made with Dwarves in mind but suitable for any bushy faced fig. Gimli would be so jealous. Great job Matt!

Dark Hart, Steady Hand

Long time member, first time postee DarkHart187 has proven you don't need fancy decals to get the job done. His hand painting skills are fantastic with about as much quantity as quality. Check out his many creations here: DarkHart's BrickShelf

Impressive job DH, keep it up!

Happy 50th Anniversary Lego!

Our favorite inspirational and customizable elements just got a little older. It was January 28, 1958 that the first patent was filed for what would be come a legacy and legend in the snap together brick world. Here's to you Lego, and to another half century of creativity and prosperity that all current and future generations may enjoy!

Read more specifics from this article: Times,8599,1707379,00.html


Iron Alchemist is on a roll with some newly released designs.

"Here are a few new decals that were inspired when i saw the images of the new fantasy styled sets with dwarves and goblins and all the usuals. I found the goblin/ ork decals to be more ore less masculine than an orc really should. So i made these decals, they can be swapped around in different orders to create many individual looking minis. I styled them in the look of orks from Warhammer fantasy world. Maybe ill make some dwarf skins too."