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Sith's Toy Box: Reviews / Feedback

Current the only approved seller of Jeff "Little Armory" Byrd's works. I have done business with this seller several times and have had nothing but extremely good service. Parts arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Low shipping costs as well.

Link to Sith's Toy Box Bricklink Store


does anyone know when he and

does anyone know when he and little armory will reopen i have been waiting a long time to buy from little armory as i am into lego starwars but they havent opened yet its been closed since brickworld.  Any ideas on when either one will reopen will be much appreaciated

i ordered 10 weps off jeff

i ordered 10 weps off jeff and he gave me 11 i emailed him and he said it was a freebie for buying a bundle

Just got my order earlier

Just got my order earlier today.

Very high quality, but that's not what this thread is about.

Excellent customer service.  PayPal was completely messed up and Chris held an order and answered all my questions.  Order was delivered in three days after payment went through, shipped the next day.

I even got some extra parts.

I've made two orders so far,

I've made two orders so far, my first ever stuff from LA and some new stuff. Although my second took a while (I'm in England) Chris was quick to respond to my questions. I would use the store again and again.


I can second Chris's

I can second Chris's excellent communication - there was a small mix-up in the address for a recent order I made, and Chris sent me an email and put out a new order the very next day.  Really a great seller and an asset to the LEGO community.


Super speedy service,

Super speedy service, excellent product quality.  Orders are shipped fast, and he's polite even in his payment reminders. :)

In each order, Chris has even added freebies that my son looks forward to guessing.

Great accessories, quick

Great accessories, quick shipment, and affordable prices. I've ordered some SW and Medieval stuff, and got some extra items every time - huge thanks to Jeff and Chris! Will definately order even more stuff in the future!

I too have only ordered once

I too have only ordered once and it was indirectly(through somebody else). But, the quality of the parts was so great that I have been ready to order again since. I waited until he had the new stuff in stock and then I ordered immediately. I'm sure that I will not be dissapointed. -Pac EDIT: My Assumption was correct. I shall order again soon, maybe even today.

I have only ordered once

I have only ordered once from Chris, it was actually my first Little Armory order, but the service was great, I recieved my package just a few short days, the item quality is truly amazing.

I am actually sending payment for my second order as I type, how could I resist getting my paws on some more of those great weapons, not to mention four great helms.

I think chris is a great

I think chris is a great seller. he is so fast at shipping and is a really nice guy. I never got to order from jeff but im sure he does really good too.

Yep. I started buying LA

Yep. I started buying LA stuff back when Jeff still had his site up and running - and I only started buying from Chris recently, but I've already made 3 or 4 orders from him. Good guy. Really nice shipping costs to Canada, too. That's a plus for me. But just for the record, Chris isn't a weapon maker, he just sells the stuff right now. I'm fairly certain Jeff is the only one that actually makes anything.

Yeah Chris and Jeff are

Yeah Chris and Jeff are excellent weapon makers. Their armor sets are also a great buy. I've bought a lot of stuff from them and I'm eagerly awaiting to see their new products.

I got my shipment in the

I got my shipment in the mail today. GREAT stuff! High quality products at such a low price and the fastest shipping for cheap. I highly recommend you purchase from this shop. You won't be dissapointed.