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Brickarms Product Reviews & Feedback

Fantastic service! The webiste shopping cart is easy to use and navigate. I could pay with Paypal. Fast-ish shipping (UK).

The products carry a very high quality. Excellent weapons and sculpts. Pleasure doing buissness!



Feedback Type: Positive

My and my step brothers

My and my step brothers bought $150 worth of Brickarms, they came a week later. Only one minifig was missing, and we didnt get it ever because we lost the # of the order. Everthing was very well done though.


Feedback: O.K., will buy again. 

  I got my shipment within

  I got my shipment within 2 or 3 days!  The shipping speed was quick, and I was so excited.  My minifigs complained that they needed better weapons than fat starwars balsters.  The size, the grip, the level of detail, everything about these weapons is amazing.  My personal favorites have to be the ppk, the ak-47 and the psg1.

Feedback: extremely positive

Amazingly fast shipping -Two

Amazingly fast shipping -Two days after I placed my order! High quality material, really ecstatic over my dealings with them

Feedback: Extremely Positive

I just got my stuff today

I just got my stuff today and it is AWESOME.  The shipping only took 3 days, and everything came exactly as advertised and it is incredible stuff.  cant wait to to buisness with again =P

Feedback Type: Positive

Got my new stuff a few days

Got my new stuff a few days ago. It's all fantastic. The shipping  was incredibly fast considering I am in the UK. It is all fantastic quality, fits perfectly. My personal fav. is the RPG launcher. Also Will threw in a free gun which was nice of him.

Get some of the new products whilst you can!

Feedback type: Positive.





I have recently received my

I have recently received my order of the newest Brickarms weapons.  Fantastic as always, the finish on them is nice and shiny.  Highly-MODable, these weapons help us out in the futuristic and thrown-explosives categories.  The pulse rifle is easily the most popular of the new molds, but I think the most needed pieces were the grenades, specificaly the round grenade since there really weren't any good brick solutions to that.  Pick up some of these newer weapons before they're all gone!

The design is great. I like

The design is great. I like how it has a thicker design which IMO would make it more sturdy for play. I tend to handle my Lego somewhat roughly, so I need my Customs to be tough and rugged as well.

BrickArms, are you gonna make more firearms? Like: G36s, M1 Garands, K-98s,  Steyr Augs, Galils, AT-4s, M240s, PKMs, Type-95s,  and etc.

Feedback Type: Positive

Just got some Brickarms a

Just got some Brickarms a couple of days ago, and it is great! They fit perfectley in the hand of a minifig and are very detailed. The shipping took a whole week for me because i live on the other side of the country. Some of the best stuff you can buy for your minifigures (they will thank you :) )

Feedback type: positive
(Stewie for govenor!!!)

I picked up some Brickarms

I picked up some Brickarms at Brickfest, and it's some fantastic stuff.  I cannot comment on the store since it was sold through a third party, but the quality of the pieces are excellent.  THe detail put into these is nice, and yet retain a very "legoesque" feel to them.

Feedback Type:  Positive

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Thread Un-Locked & Renamed. Off-Topic Comments & Replies Deleted

Guys, you've really made my fingers ache with all of those off-topic comments - do you know how deleting 12 comments in a row is like?! ;) Let me remind you: this is a 'Products Review' topic. Only leave comments if you have purchased anything from BA. For general discussion of BA Products, website and questions to Will, see our 'BrickArms Discussion' topic.

It's like the Guys' WC and Gals' WC - all about the same thing, but slightly different. ;) If you get in the wrong one, you may have problems. You all got lucky - I'm in a good mood. :D

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Yes, and I may be ordering

My order has just arrived - fantastic stuff, I highly recommend that you buy some of these. They are totally superb quality, design and size, I'll get some pics up soon for you all to see.

Feedback Type: Positive