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Update On the Upgoing Vampyre project.

Greetings, felow slaves of what we call, MCN!!!!!

So.... after awhile you might be thinking we (me n' CB) have cancelled this project, and if you've forgotten or never heard of this project, shame on you.

Im here to show you my latest decal for the project.

This is the Daywalker, Karafdin, (in our project, Daywlkers are born, and they are naturally stronger than normal vampyres.) who is also leading the hunter's against the vampyres (because two rouge vampyres, killed his parents. And he has, therefor, taken up a vow of revenge).

He fights Senthin (the samurai vampyre posted awhile ago.) twice and dies at the second fight because he is betryed by the hunters (who secretly only want him to take down the stronger vampyres, and then they will kill him themselves (because thier evil, buhhahahahaha)).

so for the moment youve all been waiting for *drumroll*

The Decal

CB made the Sun, i made the rest.

Heres SENTHIN's decal for those of you who havent seen it.

CB will post his new stuff in this post.

 Thank you and Goodnight!

I meant how the Vampyres

I meant how the Vampyres became Vampyres. I hope the resty of the project goes well you two.

I've already printes a few

I've already printes a few of these and the lines are fine. Moving on, I've finished Darius's father : Sentis, If any of you can speak latin, you might know somethig about hims that relates to the story.

Anyway here's the link

and RB the dragon pattern on your dark sorceress looks cool
and we wont' print them for about a month, as I am going to get a colour laser printer.


good point there RB,CB

good point there RB,

CB should know as he's been printing decals since first milenia, i'll ask him when he gets on line ('cos he's lazy and doesn't get up till like 1 PM)

nice dark sorceress too. looks like alot of good came out of this project :)

Looking great guys! In case

Looking great guys!

In case you haven't noticed already, I'm a real sucker for original work and these are some of the best stuff we've had in a long time (both in terms of artwork and story). In fact, I like them so much that I have not only been inspired to make a Dark Sorceress, but to give her a vampyre-relating history as well. Keep up the excellent work and look forward to seeing some completed figs from you two!

Just curious, have you tried printing any of these out in actual minifig-size? Looking over your decals once more I notice that both of you favor using fine lines to add textures to your drawings. However, I worry that a lot of them are likely to get lost once you shrink them down to minifig-scale. If such is the case, I'd recommend thickening the lines and using fewer of them to ensure that they will at least be visible to the human eyes once applied onto a minifig. Good luck!


guys, i love the decals, and

guys, i love the decals, and i don't mean to rain on the parade, but why are there scars on top of the eyes? wouldn't he be bleeding (or losing sand) profusely? my two cents on that bit.  it's great otherwise.

oh, and VM? read the works of bram stoker and watch van helsing and hellsing to answer your questions...

yeroc wrote:but why are

[quote=yeroc]but why are there scars on top of the eyes? wouldn't he be bleeding (or losing sand) profusely? my two cents on that bit..[/quote]

the reaon i do this (that i explained to Null and Pac via AIM) is to show that the scar is over the eye, it is, infact, just a style of decal creation that I created for myself about 3 days ago (on creation of Karafdin).

So, thats it. i was thinking of something me n' CB could do (while trying to get to sleep (witch i havent yet)) but ill have to talk to CB on that to see if would agree to it.


i've changed Sal'Sithra So i've added two new scars and ive gotten rid of the outline on the muscle.


I've also made this to go on the back of Sal'Sithra's head


i've finished Sal'sithra's back now

here it is!



TBD, I like Karafdin a lot

TBD, I like Karafdin a lot but I decided to keep my favorites to two. The new guy is really cool and I think that he just replaced Senthin on favorite two. Keep it up guys. -Pac

ok, some one New who i just

ok, some one New who i just made now.

this guy is a hunter who kills Dracula and then i killed by Viscatti in revenge. he is an incredably powerfull human who is about the strength of a daywalker.

so here he is


he got the scars on his face from a vampyre who attacked him in his sleep. from that moment, he never slept again, thus the bags around his eyes.

at the moment I'm working on

at the moment I'm working on Darius's father, just to let everybody know and VM, what exactally do you mean?

I was thinking for Gwen's

I was thinking for Gwen's hair I would use the red mermaid hair from the HP sets.
And they are not from a book, but it is from a story we are working on.

I put a new logo in my first post, tell me what you think

Hurrah! The new vampyres are

Hurrah! The new vampyres are up, glad to see that you posted them CB, and great job blade on those two, they look fantastic! Your skills on decalling are truly great! Nice storyline's aswell, I like to know why Vampyres are Vampyres in the first place if you get my drift.

Wow, Gwen is smokin hot! 

Wow, Gwen is smokin hot!  Deginitely one of the best female decals created recently.  What color is her hair?  And are these characters you're making up, some from a book, or what?

an extremely cool

an extremely cool collection.  i haven't heard of the project (shame on me), can somebody fill me in? 

Vampires you say? Then I say

Vampires you say? Then I say that there is almost no way that a vampire can resist the temptation to be cool. I beleive that I like Viscatti and Senthin the best, but its hard to choose. I am suprised that as of yet there is no knight though. Can't wait to see more guys. -Pac

pacman110011 wrote:I beleive

[quote=pacman110011]I beleive that I like Viscatti and Senthin the best, but its hard to choose[/quote]

thanks, but what about Karafdin? i think that the scars give him a more "evil" look than in the "non-scared" version. but then he is my fave decal of mine i've done so far.

ALL of the story was made from scratch. But i still need to write some Bio's for all of the charecters.

ok yeah here's mine, but not

ok yeah here's mine, but not too much storyline from me, until it's published ;-)
Darius------Friend of Leornado
Gwen-------I honestly don't know, as of now
Leornardo-Son of Dracula
Viscatti 1---Leornado's guardian
Viscatti 2---^^^^^^^

they are all still WIP as I am experimenting with shading.
And they're clothes are all from different era's because they have been alive for hundreds of years.

and here's a logo for you all, ~EDIT~ now there's a new one with shading, tell us what you think

C&C welcome