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Arealight's Custom Works: Reviews / Feedback

A while ago, I placed an order with Arealight, and today I got my stuff. I didn't buy much at all- too poor from a bunch of custom orders and a recent order at Bricks4you. But, anywho, here are three little figures I came up with.

First off is one knight, he is equipped with a MCN Store/Brickforge pauldron(sp?), Little Armory longsword, and of coarse- Arealight's amazing hair piece,

Next up, another knight, this one has the same type of hair piece by Arealight, but in a differand color. He is also equipped with a Little Armory flail,

Last but not least, here is another figure, this guy is sporting Arealight's Anakin hairpiece,

All three of these hair pieces are extremely versatile, and could be used in many themes, I just chose to give a couple of my castle figs a great look, and these really do look sharp on these three.

The quality of these pieces is absolutely amazing, in fact, the quality is so well that you might think that these are ABS. I look forward to more wonderful purchases with Arealight in the future, and I am sure that my minifigs look forward to more orders as well. : )


Its got good products the

Its got good products the clone helmets look great and everything arrives on time. =)

Hey everyone. Feels sort of

Hey everyone. Feels sort of weird posting feedback after such a long time, but I've been pretty busy with some building projects. Just bought some clone trooper helmets and a visor from Arealight and the detail is excellent. I'm awaiting for his new AT-RT helmet I bought from him to arrive and then I'll post some more feedback and some pictures.

Guys if you snip the goatee

Guys if you snip the goatee from the Obi wan headpiece, it makes a snazzy hair piece.

Very nice sculpting work,

Very nice sculpting work, much respect to you. I like especially like the beard. Finally a bearded fig can turn his head! If anyone grumbles too much about the hair piece, just say it's for balding figs : ).

Thank guys and welcome any

Thank guys and welcome any idea.

arealight, im just letting

arealight, im just letting you know i love your work, mainly the hair customs, anyways keep up the good work :)

So cool!   I like the use

So cool!   I like the use of the hairpieces on un-Star Wars figs!

Here's a link too his

Here's a link too his bricklink store.
I just placed an order ;-)

To Poohbear:I have not

To Poohbear:I have not announced over here that because I am not sure whether violate the rule or not.

Thanks for Daredevil for answer.

Yes, he has a bricklink

Yes, he has a bricklink store, under arealight.

His pieces are fantastic guys. Buy buy buy!

I know Arealight is a

I know Arealight is a member, but is there a site for ordering some of those custom pieces?

I think the hairpiece

I think the hairpiece sitting up high averages out with the beard.

I am very excited sees that

I am very excited sees that Amanda uses my stuff to make the works.Thanks.
I think that hairpiece with beard is very suitable for the series of the castle.
The hairpiece I admit like what Badger said that sit slightly high on the minifig head.
It is what I want that the forehead emerges.I thought that will make the minifigs look more bright.
But I want to thank the suggestion of Damien.That will helpful for making the same kind customs in the future.

As Badger has noted, it

As Badger has noted, it really isn't that bad in person, I am just bad at taking pictures ; )

But Damien, this gives you a chance to go in there and modify it so it fits properly, I am sure you could fix it with a dremel. In reality though, it just doesn't look that bad, I actually like the look.

..Man, I wish he wasn't so low in stock, I crave more of this stuff now.


The Obi-Wan hairpiece does

The Obi-Wan hairpiece does sit slightly high on the minifig head, although it's significantly less noticable in person than in the pics posted by Lamanda.  The hairstyle itself is a fairly high "coiff", so on the minifig it feels more natural.

The Obi-wan hairpiece bugs

The Obi-wan hairpiece bugs me. Is there any way to get it down more? It really sits too high on the minifig head, as it reveals the part of the head that curves at the top toward the peg. I don't like that, but the hairpiece looks so cool that it would seem like a waste if there was no way for it to sit on the head correctly.

The Anakin hairpiece is pretty nice, though.

I saw the beard hair combo

I saw the beard hair combo and instantly thought, Obi-Wan-Kenobi, dont ask me why...

I'm the proud owner of a few

I'm the proud owner of a few of Arealight's pieces as well, and I can confirm that the sculpting and design work is excellent.  His work on historical Chinese accessories is great, and his beard/hairpieces are phenomental - unique, but still capture the overall LEGO feel. 


Great little review

Great little review Amanda!  I too really like the hairpiece/beard combo.  Wish lego would catch on and make something similar.  The styling on it is wonderful, could really be used on so many different things.