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FF cloud sephiroth squall

im pretty new at this soooo...... ya.

*ack* double post.  Use the

*ack* double post.  Use the edit button.

I understand what you mean about the mouths, but they just don't look that LEGOish.

i dicided to go with this,

i dicided to go with this, so thats why i didnt put any mouths on them because this is a field modle from ff7 the game. i used clay to make there hair and shoulder pads, and i used stickers for the rest. oh and i used clay for his buster sword, these are decales that i remade from the origanal decales in the pictures above,

im still working on the decales

Hey, these are pretty

Hey, these are pretty impressive for someone who is new.

I like the way you did their hair; it isn't quite that legoish but it's highly accurate.  Keep it up!

Those are very crisp and

Those are very crisp and good-looking, but where did their mouths go?

(I like the buster sword.)

nice one cloud1 and welcome

nice one cloud1 and welcome to minifig customization network!!

excellent minifigs i must say if you have time, look at my final fantasy minifigs too

Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 Link5

(actually, i made a few modifications with cloud and sephiroth so i'll post them soon)