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Kotor Series Project ( HK-47 & HK-50

here are my custom HK's for the Kotor Series Project

I started the project with four design, one I scrap, the second I will rename into a new class of droid later leaving me these two for the project.

they look the same except for the arms, the one on your right the light color one I made the arms from spare pieces from gundam models I saved , the one on the left I used a skeleton & a minifig arms which I cut up and glue together to make his arms

the colors I used are copper & bronze, to give them more of a droid look, the light color is the copper HK-47, the redish color is HK-50. the stud on the head I cut so they don't look taller than the minifig they stand next to, well I hope everyone like them, please feel free to let me know what you like and don't like about them so I made be able to correct them.

They are pretty good. The

They are pretty good. The only thing I don't like about them are the minifig legs. Tell them to lay off the hamburgers for a little while!

Thanks guys!  that one down

Thanks guys!  that one down and one still to go, I still have to finish my T3-M4 for the project

One word....... Perfict

One word....... Perfict

Nicely done Lego Machine, I

Nicely done Lego Machine, I like the way you created them. I can't find anything negative to actually say about them. Good work!