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Brickforge Product Reviews and Feedback

Excellent service, took only 3 days to get my supplies, and were packaged well. The quality you recieve is amazing, and I was very happy with their feedback as well, they were very helpful  and there are many ways to pay, and picking your items are as easy as 1 2 3. I highly reccomend this company, especially if your heavily into the Medevil aspect of legos.

BrickForge is my center for

BrickForge is my center for fantasy accesrories; Little Armory Toys is the place for mediaval.

I ordered a big pile of BrickForge armour recently and it is brilliant. I have yet to stop using it. Great job.

Thanks for all the great

Thanks for all the great feedback! Just wait 'til y'all see what we have up our sleeves next!


I just ordered from Brick

I just ordered from Brick Forge and 3 days later AND one day was a sunday!!! High quality pieces and durable too! I refrained from buying animals but i got 1 greek armor set 2 elven blades and helms and a dwarf and sage beard also a rohirrim helm. Great work Redbean and Armothe!!!

Top quality products &

Top quality products & service.
BrickForge has a huge selection of custom items to choose from, and is steadily sweeping across several themes of customization.

I recieved my most recent BrickForge order of custom accessories and barnyard animals a couple of days ago (Shipped very quickly, by the way.), and I almost flipped! Most of the accessories I bought I had gotten before, but I have only just now gotten some wizard staves and a Greek armor set.
As for the animals, they are even more amazing than I could have expected. I know there are alot of people who are really excited about these- Even LEGO Purists can't resist them!



Thanks guys! Our customers

Thanks guys! Our customers continue to drive us to make bigger and better things. With all the work that goes into making new pieces (Two new projects consisting of over 20 new parts scheduled for mid '07!) I am glad to know we still succeed at getting the existing product to you quickly and reliably. We are even more pleased that our passion of minifig customization translates into inspiration for others. Rest assured its been reciprocated!


i also am very pleased with

i also am very pleased with they're quality of work. My favourite being the greek armour. i have recived 2 orders from there and currently waiting on a third. to tell you the truth with out them i woundn't have gotten back into lego. Great going armothe(dont think i spelled it right) and redbean!