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Saber-Scorpion's Lair Shop: Reviews / Feedback

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Saber-Scorpion's decals are

Saber-Scorpion's decals are great; I have yet to use water-slide decals, becuase the spray I need isn't avaliable in UK shops.

One problem: After some time, they rip and fall apart easily (The stickers), but I still use them all the time.

Oh I thought we were

Oh I thought we were reviewing the builder but any way hes shops really good but I still haven't gotten round to buying one of he's decals.

Guys, we're reviewing the

Guys, we're reviewing the SHOP, not the builder. And waterslide decals are not "sillyness", they are much more professional looking then Avery sticker paper.

I have a something small to

I have a something small to point out, if they don't have the piece perhaps it's the reason why they customize it?

I am very proud of Scorp

I am very proud of Scorp for not giving in to water-slide decals and other such silliness. With his new printer, he can make some of the highest quality decals I've ever seen. Also, I think it's cool that he doesn't just immediately customize things when what's already there will work just fine. Something I've noticed around here is that nobody seems to be able to accept that what's there usually will work fine. Instead of chopping up an axe to get a sword, he uses a sword. Instead of making a decal that is the exact same as an existing head, he'll use the head. Instead of making entire new parts for a shield, he uses a shield.

My rating for him is 5/5. Great customizer, great guy. His master chief has to be the most well known on the web.

I wish he would go on the

I wish he would go on the site more often I have never seen him on the site before

Justin, I love your work!

Justin, I love your work! It's absolutely amazing!!! I wish you would visit MCN more often even if you seem to not like how we do things as how you call hypocrites. Try not to be so critical of sites other than your own! But anyhow, if you came more often and read more forum threads you will see that I have recommeded your work to a numerous amount of them.

You are a master of the lego arts and a pioneer! You are amazing except for the fact that you don't use water-slide decals.

But very nice work! 

I agree, but while justin

I agree, but while justin IS selling his decals pre-printed on avery sticker paper, some members are better off finding some other decals that are offered for free by other decal artists on this site and printing it themselves (avery 8'' by 11'' sheets are $10 per 20 sheets).  definitely buy his decals if you're looking for Xarkan, victory, grimm, drizzt, or any original decals of his, but otherwise look elsewhere for your marine, MGS, and Master Chief figures.

i don't mean to deter others from your work, justin.  it's amazing stuff.

my definite plusses are free tutorials, great showcases, and a plethora of customs that are easily accessable.  keep up the good work, justin!

saber-scorpions lair is a

saber-scorpions lair is a great place to go it shows you artwork,lego and comics justin stebbins is also a great lego cutomizer and a great artist