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Corinthian Armor Set

Minifig Accesory Manufacturer:
Red Bean Studio

Although the ancient Greeks have invented helmets of various styles and designs, this Corinthian helmet is the one that is most recognisable and is often associated with the Greek Hoplites and the army of Alexander of Macedon. Before coming to this final shape, my rendition of this helmet has undergone several stages of heavy modification. I am especially thankful for the valuable input of Two-Tonic Knight regarding the overall look of this helmet.

Because of the way the pieces are mold, this item will only be offered as part of a Corinthian set. The entire set will comprise of 1 helmet, 1 plume/horsehair, 1 javelin, and 1 round shield. Please also visit my historic minifig gallery to download a few custom decals to create your own Classic Greek armies.

The Corinthian Set comes in two colours: Bronze and Dark Gray. The Bronze set will come with red plume/horsehair; whereas the Dark Gray set (good for statue?) will come with a dark gray plume/horsehair.



Accessory is Available for Purchase at: