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Using MCN Designs

Here is your chance to create some of the minifigs you see in this website, simply follow these easy procedure:

The first step, of course, is to download the stickers from my website and print them out with a good color printer. Before printer, however, you will have to do a bit of scaling to make sure the stickers fit onto the intended target. The simplist way to do this is by using MS Word. Follow these procedures:

1. Launch MS Word.

2. Activate the ruler function.

3. Copy the decal that you want from MCN by right-clicking.

4. Paste the decal onto a document in MS Word. And resize it according to the following dimension: Torso:
1.422 cm Wide
1.201 cm Tall Legs:
1.4 cm Wide
1.1 cm Tall Belt:
1.4 cm Wide
0.2 cm Tall

The next step is simply to print the decals out onto sticker paper. There are 2 types of stickers that you can print out. Type A is a transparent sticker that goes onto a light colored surface (yellow heads, white, tan, light grey torso, etc.), whereas type B is a gloss, non-transparent sticker that can be applied onto a dark surface. What you need to do is go into a stationary store to buy both kinds of sticker papers. Just ask for some transparent labels, and non-transparent one. To place them onto a minifig, follow these simple instructions: 1. For the head, trim the sticker into a long, thin stripe of approximately 5mm x 17mm in diameter (this is to ensure that the sticker sticks better), peel then pull tight from both ends and place it onto the head (avoid pressing the surface of the design with oily fingers or it might smear). 2.For the body, regardless of the type of sticker you get, simply trim the design to the desired shape and place it onto the torso. For the 'long' torsos, apply the stickers first and then separate the upper and lower bodies with a sharp blade.

3.If the figures are going to be handled by hands a lot, it is recommended that you spray it with a coat of varnish (available in most hobby and toy shops) after the sticker. Remember to leave the figures to dry overnight after spraying.

For the more advance technique of customization, I recommend water-slide decals which can greatly improve the overall look of a custom minifig. Please read here for more information.

In the meantime, happy customization!!