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Torso Stickers that Shine

Now we know due to different reasons over the time the shiny emblem of our beloved Black Falcon wears thin and lose its shine, we know also some of the members here would like to have more Black falcons. Well you can ofcourse print out stickers from the templates found on the wonderful archieve here but the magical element is missing -- the shiny silvery nature of the emblem.

Well i believe the solution i found (which turns up to be very simple and my guess is some one here would have already utilise this technique) is simple enough and affordable to all. Simple get some silver paper, preferably not too thick, print the emblem on it, add transparent tape on top for the shinyness and double sided tape below to stick. Cut out the resulted product and stick to any desired torso and vola -- Great looking Black falcon, available to all.

This technique could also be used to create entire torsos.