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Draw Plus - How to Create Minifig Designs

As many of you may know I like to create my decals in draw plus. Now I have had alot of Pm's aksing me how to use Draw Plus to create decals in. So I thought I would make a little tutorial to help you all out.

Drawing Lines and Shapes.

You Will Need
  • A Computer
  • Your Brain
  • A copy of Draw Plus.  If you don't have a copy download it here.

Okay so lets get started. First lets open a new blank document. And lets see if we can master the deadly tricky curve :-)

1. Click on the straight line tool at the left hand side of the screen.



2.Click this and it shall open a small box to the right. In this box, click the middle icon.

Then move your cursor to the middle of the page and then hold down the left mouse button and draw your line.

You should end up with this.



4. The next step is to make your straight line into a smooth curve. Once you know how its really easy.

Okay lets make the line curvey.

Click on your line, then click on the node tool indicated by the red circle in the next picture.

Okay so when we click on this icon, a small box pops up, DO NOT CLOSE IT !!!



In picture 5 you can see two white boxes at each end of your line, these are callled NODES.

When you click one of the nodes Icons begin to appear in the curve toolbar.

Click the one circled in picture 6.

You can now see two blue lines extending from the nodes, these are what you use to make your curves. Click on one of these mini nodes, and pull in any direction you want, and the line will bend in that direction. Like in picture 7.


Now if you connect 3 or more lines together you can make a shape. Simply by connecting each line at their nodes then you can fill your shape with some colour.

At first your line will turn the default black but if you go to the fill section on the right hand side of the screen you can give your shape the desired colour.


While your shape is selected just click one of the coloured buttons in the fill gallery.


If you want to mess around with the weight of your line, the colour and style just use the line tab.

Well that is just about all I can tell you about Lines and shapes, I hope this was easy to follow and I hope you find that Draw Plus is a very easy programme to master, once you get the know how :-), Which I hope I gave you. I also hope you make some great decals with this amazing software!

For example here is what I can now do.

So did I miss anything out? Please comment in the forum topic if I did thanks.

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