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Tutorial on custom lightsabers

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Tutorial on Custom Lightsabers - by Deathstickman

Having been asked by many to show them how to make a custom lightsaber, (and by some prodding from our Kaminoan) I've made this how-to on ridding your minifigs of those generic lightsabers from the LEGO co. It's not that there's a special trick to it, you just want it to have that stubby lego feel. So for this introduction I'll show you how to make my Obi-Wan saber.

The step of course, is to get all the parts to assemble it, and they are:

Little Armory Boba gun, Dark gray antenna, 2 Dark gray Technic pins, Dark gray flex tube, Black 1x3 bar clip.

If you don't have any of these parts, you can find them at www.Bricklink.comand www.littlearmory.comAnd you also need the proper tools, and I find that the most useful are an x-acto knife, a carpenter's knife, and some strong, fast drying super glue.

1. For the handle, take the 1x3 bar clip, and carefully cut off the ends.(make sure that the section will be the length of a minifig's hand) You can discard the ends since they won't be needed.

And then to make the base of it, we have to sacrifice a Little Armory gun (sorry Jeff)

just cut off half of the nozzle, and and try to make a straight line, or else it will come out crooked when glued. If it does get crooked, try using sandpaper to smooth it down.
2. That was the easy part, now for the fun! For the emitter we'll be using the rest of the parts, so to start off, take the technic pins, and cut where it's been marked. It makes a cleaner cut if you use the x-acto knife.

And then, take the flex tube, and cut off two sections, one big enough to jest fit into the emitter, but make sure to let it leave room for the blade. Another is just a sliver for detail (pic1), then glue the larger piece into the 'rib' ended tip (far right), then cut off a length towered bottom of the antenna...

...And fit it all together.(in the order in the above picture) I would recommend you don't glue the smaller piece of flex tube on. Just let it use friction, that way, it'll look cleaner.

3. Assemble It all! Make sure that the flat cut side of the pommel is what's glued to the handle.

My, my. Doesn't he look happy?


Well, I hope you have gotten what I meant here, because as you can tell, I'm not the best with words. But by all means, don't use this design only, let your mind run wild and make many different designs.

And if you feel particularly ambitious, try some more wild designs involving cutting the blade to fit into flex tube. I do this by putting the blade in a Dremel, and sanding it down like a pottery wheel.

Well, my tutorial is finished, I hope you all will enjoy customizing as much as I do!



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