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Brasso How-To

Hello and welcome to my tutorial. (I’m sorry that didn’t sound so original.) Anyways, I have noticed that many younger generation Americans (like myself) weren’t or aren’t familiar for that matter until you came to MCN or maybe you still have no idea what it is! If this tutorial is a bit tedious to you, I am sorry, but hey at least you’ll learn something.



What Is Brasso®?

Brasso®-a metal polish used for many things. In the Lego® community it is used for cleaning Lego® minifig parts and the removal of ink. This GREAT product can be found at your local department store or home improvement center. Brasso is the most commonly used Lego® Cleaner in MCN. Others have suggested alternatives (such as heavy granulated toothpaste) but these are rarely used.


For Ink Removal:


Materials list include:

1. Brasso® (old one if possible [liquid not the new & improved formula])

2. A work place with NO clutter

3. Your ART (abrasive rubbing tool) i.e. cotton cloth, old t-shirt old towel, paper towel (last resort)

4. Bowl of soapy water.

5. Patience



Optional Items:

1. Gloves (latex gloves to protect your skin)

2. Extra cloth on your desk to absorb the excess Brasso®




1. Gather all needed materials

2. If you have them, put on your gloves.

3. You have the option of pouring the Brasso® on your piece and letting it sit, or you can start the process immediately and wet your ART with the Brasso® and start rubbing.

(Good luck it may take awhile, but all it takes is hard rubbing and patience.)

4. Once the Lego® piece is totally clear of ink, wash away the excess Brasso® in your soapy water and allow to dry.



Brasso is also a great cleaner for your pices. It leaves a nice sheen on the plastic. Simply apply Brasso to a soft cloth and buff!


Hello again and thank you for reading my 1st tutorial. I hope it helped you and you liked it. If you think something is inaccurate or if you have any questions, PM me and I will answer and edit what needs to be done.

Your friend in Lego®,

Anugrah a.k.a. Gandhi (Pharazon’s nickname for me)/Fiel (my real name [not Fidel Castro])

Edited by: Pharazon